Monday, January 30, 2023

Calling all CALLers!


Screenshot of the EuroCALL 2023 website

At last we are able to prepare for the return of the face to face EuroCALL conference. How exciting! We are sure you can't wait to get together for the most wonderful in-person intercultural fellowship at the amazing University of Iceland. 

The call for papers has been launched, you can find it here on the conference website, along with all the details of the themes, organisers and venue. Please get the dates in your diary and join us in person this year. 

As ever we are starting the social activity immediately. The conference has an Instagram account  where you can start to explore the sights of this amazing setting and a Facebook page where you can meet each other. EuroCALL's usual social media accounts will also use the hashtag #eurocall2023 to aggregate and curate interactions as we go through the year. 

Conference presenters and participants will be issued with our EuroCALL digital badges and, coming soon - there will be further exciting news of EuroCALL must have items! 

Our exec team and conference organisers are working hard to ensure that this conference will be memorable for all, reviving past traditions and creating new ones together. 

We are calling all CALL-ers for our most inclusive conference yet. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Recognition of participation in EuroCALL 2022


This week we will be issuing an open badge to all those who attended, presented or otherwise participated in our recent annual conference, #eurocall2022. A moment to celebrate our community and its resilience in maintaining academic networking and information sharing throughout a global pandemic. 

The badges are a form of digital certification to enable our community to evidence their ongoing commitment to the field of Computer Assisted Language Learning and their active participation in professional development. The badge can be displayed on your website, social media channels or through your eportfolio and it is verifiable by others who see it. Many of you will now have several badges from EuroCALL as we started issuing in 2019.

Get active with your badges!

This year we will also encourage you to enhance your badge by adding evidence of the nature of your activity to your badge once you have added it to your personal Open Badge Passport account. This is easy to do and adds value to your badge. 

Simply follow these steps: 

  • Look out for the email confirming the award of your badge and click on the link to accept your badge. Here's a reminder tutorial for this process.
  • If you already have the Open Badge Passport app on your phone you can just accept the badge through the app. 
  • Make your badge public by adjusting the settings, by default it is private.  This step is shown in the tutorial above. 
  •  Now go to the settings tab on your badge and click Add new evidence.

You will now be able to add the URL of your presentation, recording or slides if you were a presenter. There are many easy ways to add your content to your badge:

The more you evidence your skills, the more compelling your badge becomes to others. Taking these steps could be helpful in building your professional presence online. Using the tools provided in your free Open Badge Passport you will make new connections and find tools for easy webpage creation. Make the most of your Open Badge today!

We look forward to celebrating your membership of EuroCALL online. Share using the #eurocall tag so that we can congratulate you. 

Monday, August 15, 2022

Coming together for #eurocall2022


It is that time of year again when the Eurocall community comes together. For the third year running we are meeting virtually rather that being able to get together in the same physical place. As a community we love the intercultural mingling we have enjoyed in the past: sharing food and fellowship, and our dancing together is legendary. 

However, we are able to recreate some of this community building online thanks to the digital literacies we have. This post shows just what has been going on as we prepare for our annual conference and I am grateful to all those who have been connecting on the conference app Whova or on social media channels using #eurocall2022. 

Hugh Prior will be presenting on Wednesday and he has been fortunate enough to visit Iceland. He has shared his journey in our Whova app:  

Many of us are just imagining how best to reduce our impact on the #climatecrisis and we are encouraged to share our #virtualjourney using the #eurocall2022 tag:

I'm  looking forward to seeing the creativity of our community reflected on our Wakelet mood board:

#eurocall2022 mood board

There are many community members active in the open and we are grateful to them for their support in expanding our community. Special mentions go to those who regularly tweet using the #eurocall tag. Here you are, we see and appreciate you:

A full archive including the sharing of digital badges we issue to our members can be viewed here. Open badges are another way we can recognise the actitivies of our members in the field of CALL (or CMC or TELL - I know the acronym debate continues in Whova!).

Another way in which we thank our community is through prizes of course. There are prizes for the photo and caption competitions in Whova as well as prizes for best poster and best student presentation...more about these in the opening ceremony on Wednesday. 

I imagine life can be pretty harsh for the Icelandic ponies in the picture above but I am sure they are better protected when they get together. So indeed are we, and how we will dance when we finally get together in the same place!