Monday, September 27, 2021

Recognising participation and contribution to the EuroCALL community of practice.


At last the time has come to provide official recognition to all those who participated or presented in our 2021 conference

The French organisers hosted a huge event which morphed over time due to the pandemic from initial plans for a blended event into a fully online conference. Ever resourceful and enthusiastic the organisers provided a fantastic event which was well received by our membership. 

Notifications of badge award have been sent out by email but we know there are always those emails which do not make it through the filters and consequently end up in spam. If you have not yet had yours here are some practical tips:

  • Open a free account in Open Badge Passport using the email address you used for registration. The account will locate your badge and ask you to accept it. 
  • If you already have an account, make sure that the email address used in registration is included in your profile.  You can add multiple email addresses. 
We hope to see you showing off your EuroCALL badges online through social media. Tag our social media accounts so we can celebrate with you. 

Friday, August 06, 2021

A summer of sharing and learning together.

Image by Jessica Joh from Pixabay

I'm sure that we are all feeling the need to turn our faces to the sun in order to recharge our batteries after all the stresses of the pandemic. It does look as though our lives will continue to be disrupted for some time yet to come but at EuroCALL we are keen to provide opportunities to learn from our experiences and grow stronger together so that the next academic year can bring greater certainty and security for everyone. 

Of course the annual conference is nearly upon us. To be held online this year the French team have created a wonderful event which has the highest registration numbers we have seen. A good deal of thought and planning has gone in to this virtual event in order to help us share the community spirit we so enjoy at our live conferences and those who have registered can download the event app and start to explore already. 

EuroCALL has always had good links with practising teachers, often running workshop sessions with teacher educators as part of our conferences. Indeed, we moved our conference dates into August in order to make it easier to facilitate teacher participation. This year is no exception. We will be running an online Teacher Outreach event this year which is open to all, whether you are a EuroCALL member of not. There is a small fee for a day pass to this event and all participants will get a EuroCALL digital badge to show their commitment to connecting for professional development. The programme is now live and has a dedicated website

Please check it out and share this post with your teacher networks around the world. Registration is now open

As an organisation we want to help our community of international language teachers, researchers and developers overcome the challenges experienced due to covid 19 and recover for a better future. Read more about our organisation here. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

March Mingle 2021 - Let's talk!

Announcing our March Mingle!

As an organisation we are 100% driven by our members and always keen to connect and share time together. As announced in the recording above, we have created a March Mingle event so that as many of you as possible can join in, no matter what your time zone. 

Our Mingle will take place on Friday 26th March 2021

There will be two Mingle sessions so you can pick the one that fits your schedule.

These are opportunities to talk all things EUROCALL. 

Please pick one session and join us for an informal community drop-in session.

Mingle session 1: Friday 26th March 2021 at 10am (UK time)

Link to join:

Mingle session 2: Friday 26th March 2021 at 2.30pm (UK time)

Link to join:

We welcome everyone – our members and non-members alike.

There's plenty to talk about and we welcome your participation. We welcome everyone – our members and non-members alike. 

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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