Monday, May 18, 2020

Mutual support in difficult times: a message from EuroCALL

A message from the EuroCALL executive:

Dear EUROCALL Community,
We hope this message finds you and yours well in these uncertain times.

What we are doing

The EUROCALL Executive and the Copenhagen Team have been working together on a Plan B for August. It is clear that we cannot hold our usual conference at Copenhagen in the current circumstances. Instead we intend to organise on online ‘gathering’ this year (around the same time as the Copenhagen conference would have taken place) and not the full conference. The gathering will consist of workshops and SIG symposia only. Details of this online event will be sent shortly. Regarding our current accepted submissions - our intention is to carry over this year’s successful submissions to next year. The exact details of the process will be announced once the Executive finalises details with the Copenhagen team.

What we hope you can do

At this difficult time, and in order to support the ongoing work of our EUROCALL family, we would encourage you to please renew your annual membership as normal. You can renew via the EUROCALL website. Given the circumstances, we have decided to offer the 65€ online membership to everyone. This reduced rate will be available to all until 31st August 2020. The fee for participating in the August ‘gathering’ (for those who are not already members) will be 65€ and will also entitle attendees to EUROCALL annual membership. Please visit our website to join. 

What we hope to do next year

After a pause of one year, it is hoped that our Danish colleagues will be in a position to host at EUROCALL2021. The team are still in discussions about this with their University. We will confirm what is happening regarding 2021 at the end of May. Our colleagues in Paris have confirmed that they will be making preparations to host EUROCALL2022.

We are deeply grateful to all our Members for your continued loyalty. Your support is helping us to sustain our association through a time of great uncertainty. Thank you for making this possible.
I look forward to updating you further at the end of May when I will also confirm the details of the ‘gathering’.

Until then: stay safe and be well!

Mirjam (on behalf of the EUROCALL executive committee)

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Show your true colours!

Your EuroCALL open badge will shortly be issued to all those who participated and presented at EuroCALL 2019 in Louvain la Neuve, Belgium! The short tutorial above shows how to collect and display your badge and we look forward to spotting yours online. 

An open badge carries "baked in" information about how it was earned and to whom is was issued. You can even print off a paper copy which carries a QR code once you have added the badge to your Open Badge Passport. 

The Open Badge infrastructure was originally created by Mozilla. It provides a technical means for creating, issuing and collecting micro-credentials for both formal and informal learning. There are many examples of their use and some published research is curated on the badge wiki community here. 

If you already have an account on another badge platform such as Badgr, Credly or one of the many others listed you can import your badge to add to your collection directly from the issuing email. Look out for the email as often they are filtered out and end up in your spam folder.