Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Warming up for EUROCALL 2019

As with any eagerly anticipated event, the conversations and excitement start way before the big day. Of course the planning for EUROCall 2019 has been underway for well over a year already. Team Belgium, who delivered such an exciting glimpse of the event in store while we were still enjoying the fantastic welcome and hospitality in Jyväskylä, Finland

The image above is a snapshot of the current interactions around #eurocall on twitter but you can join the conversation by tweeting and adding the hashtag, then watch the ball grow organically. Your twitter activity around the conversation will be reflected in the interactive visual. Any Instagram images which you tag #eurocall may also feature on our Wakelet posts during the conference.  You can find this year's conference team on twitter and of course follow the main Eurocall twitter account too!

Eurocall has an group on LinkedIn where you can extend your professional connections and keep in touch with those you have met at #eurocall conferences. You will also keep up to date with what this lively, international community are up to. We look forward to meeting you through twitter or on our other social media spaces, out in the open. 

Accessibility matters to your EUROCall exec, we are only a small group but we are working hard to help ensure that conferences and community activities are within reach even if you cannot be physically present in August. This Virtual Strand blog will post regular updates and provide opportunities for you to participate remotely with our community. Watch this space for news of our Virtually Connecting sessions where you will be able to meet our keynote speakers, organisers and participants live online to get a feel for this year's conference. 

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