Thursday, August 29, 2019

Of recognition and professional development

Image CC0 from Gertalt on Pixabay

It is nice to have recognition for what we do. 

Participants (including virtual participants) and presenters at this year's conference will be recognised through the issue of a digital badge from EuroCALL. Look out for your email on Saturday (check your spam folder!) and you may wish to create a free account on Open Badge Passport  to curate and display your badges (other systems exist, this one is based in Finland and all systems are compatible with open badge standard 2). Once you have your badge you can share and show it off on your website, LinkedIn profile etc. You can even print it  . Let others know you are a member of the EuroCALL community!

Certified Membership of The Association for Learning Technology 

Practitioners who have technical skills are sometimes under appreciated. EuroCALL would like to help address this and we have prepared a very short survey to see how you feel about professional recognition. 

We value your input and we hope that you are proud to display your badge to others so that they can appreciate the merits of being part of the EuroCALL community. 

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