Friday, June 26, 2020

Wonderful Copenhagen, we wish we could have been there.

Video from Copenhagen University Faculty of Humanities Facebook page.

Our plans for EuroCALL 2020 were rudely interrupted by Covid 19 but a great deal of work had of course already taken place. The EuroCALL Executive team would like to open our posts for this year's online Gathering with a tribute to the Copenhagen team and all their hard work to put a great conference in place. We are delighted to know that they will be joining our forthcoming Gathering. 

This from the organising team:

"The Copenhagen team had been looking forward to hosting EUROCALL 2020 for quite some time. In all modesty it was shaping up to be a very attractive conference with a strong academic programme, a social programme with beautiful venues and an event with plenty of chances to get a taste of what Danish hygge is all about. Unfortunately, a huge 2020 conference in Copenhagen was not to be. All our aspirations to provide the best possible framework for the EUROCALL community to meet in 2020 were trumped by a global crisis that is still ongoing. The EUROCALL community will have to take a raincheck on the little mermaid, the Carlsberg museum, Nyhavn, Copenhagen city centre and not least our beautiful South Campus.
In the meantime we are excited to take part in the EUROCALL 2020 Online Gathering. The EUROCALL organization has acted quickly and professionally to ensure a high quality online event for the EUROCALL members to take part in. In times like these we are all aware of how much effort and planning a successful online event requires. With the support of the community the Online Gathering will be a success. We will see you online 20 and 21 August – and hopefully in Copenhagen at some point in the future.  "
Karen-Margrete, Sanne and Patrick from the Copenhagen Team. 

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