Saturday, August 11, 2018

kick off! Image from Pixabay :Gelinger CC0 
One week to go before Eurocall 2018 kicks off in Jyväskylä, Finland!!

Last year, Eurocall 2017 which was held in Southampton, UK has seen a lot of virtual activities. We had all the keynotes sessions recorded and uploaded to the website. Lots of interactions were going on in the conference hashtag and in the conference app. What was more exciting is having the virtual connection set up for the conference by Teresa Mackinnon @WarwickLanguage. We had a couple of live sessions which helped to give a taste of the conference. People who could not make it to the conference from inside and outside the UK were able to follow the conference updates. Moreover, people whose visa to get into the UK was rejected, such as Parisa Mehran were able to share with us all the moments of the conference including the virtual connection sessions. 

This year we are going to have at Eurocall 2018 all of these possible ways to connect virtually with our colleagues around the world to cover the days of the conference. Just like what we have done at CALICO 2018, we are also going to have our conference ambassadors from EUROCALL grad students SIG to add to the virtual connections. We have had the ambassador role played by the grad students at CALICO2018 and it was amazing. I personally could not make it to CALICO 2018 but I was able to connect with colleagues and to get access to the conference. 

So it is good to connect virtually and to have online presence. 

Keep an eye on the hashtag and join us in the virtual strand!! :)

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